What is this site?
ESGFX is a database of logos of organizations in and around esports and competitive gaming. The purpose of the website is to provide graphic designers a first place to look for a logo when one is needed but not supplied by the client. By providing these files on a single website we save them time, we deter them from using sub-par quality graphics found on Google Images, and in the long run we improve the visual quality of all media creations coming out of our community.
Can I change this logo to fit my work?
No! Generally speaking you can never change a logo.
When you need to do this to fit the logo into your overall project style be sure to consult your client and the owner of the logo first.
Why is there no light version of this logo for use on dark backgrounds?
If the official light version of the logo is just all black elements turned white, then we do not host these. Because it is so easy for you to apply this color change yourself it is not worth the extra time and space required to host these versions on the site as well. Changing fully black to fully white is the only exception to the ‘no changes’ rule. If you have any doubts about the looks of the white version you created please consult your client.
Can I send in logos of companies and organizations that I am not a representative of?
Do you blindly upload any logo sent in?
No, most certainly not. Before placement we first check if the logo is in active use by the organization it represents and there is no official logo download available on the organizations website. Then we make sure the vector logo is grouped, we re-size it to nearby 1080p, we copy it to a blank EPS and PNG file, we save the EPS file with Illustrator CS3 compatibility and the PNG in 32bit mode which includes transparency. The placement itself is also more elaborate than may seem as we log many more things than just the file: The organization name, the orientation, colors, and source website to name a few. It takes us about 5 minutes to process a single logo start to finish.
I found an out of date logo. Can you remove or replace it?
Yes, contact us.
Please remove my logo!
We’re sorry you feel that way. Contact us and we’ll get it removed.
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